Client Description: Clothing Brand
Project Scope: Identity Design


Deriving from the founder’s children, Grace and Carter, the logotype features a subtle weight contrast between the two names to represent each of the brand’s namesakes and it’s emphasis on timeless, unisex apparel.

Like their clothing, we wanted the logo to be simple, easy to wear, and classic – in the same vein as brands like Ralph Lauren and Nautica, while expressing the inclusivity of its style.


A sign of youth, growth, and life. The apple can be utilized throughout Grace Carter’s branding as a standalone icon while keeping the timeless feel of the logotype. After all – you can’t get much more timeless than the ubiquitous poster child for fruit.

Applications of The Apple


As an alternative iconography to The Apple, We created a modern, minimal coat of arms for the brand. This concept was inspired by the true etymologies (thanks, Google!) of each name  – Grace, represented by a peace dove, and Carter, deriving from ancient haulers (or “carters”) of material goods, represented by a wheel. We satisfyingly reasoned that together, they loosely equate to “bringer of grace,” a sentiment about the kids that resonated with our client.