Client Description: Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Project Scope: Identity Design

The owner of Guilty Goodies, a gourmet chocolate-covered strawberry business, hired me to design a logo that would position their brand away from homemade snacks and closer to specialty treats.

These strawberries looked like they could be sold in a boutique, so their brand needed to look the part.

We agreed on a logo that characterized the name – I used a classy typeface below a bold-lined strawberry dripping with chocolate.

A solid illustration like the strawberry can be used in interesting ways as a brand mark, like on this card shown below that will come with each order.

My favorite thing about the typeface I chose was that it gave words a provocative voice in marketing use, in line with the Guilty theme of the brand.

Brand Voice wasn’t included in the original project scope, but this fit the brand so well that I had to include it in the logo reveal
Use of Brand Voice in editorial design
Use of Brand Voice in a poster