After our initial consultation, I’ll piece together a proposed scope, project timeline, and pricing on a reviewable document. After you sign on the X and provide any required payment deposits, I’ll be ready to start within 1 week of the agreement date.


This is where the real creativity begins. At this point, I’m looking for a deeper understanding of your brand’s values, style, and goals for the future in order to best position your brand within your target market. We want your brand to be memorable, and have a reason to be someone’s favorite.

Here, I’ll do some independent studying to know more about the industry that you’re diving into so you fit right in with your target audience’s expectations.

The work done during this phase is what really shines once the end product is finished!


Based on what we discovered about your brand and industry, I’ll draft up and present some concepts for you to choose from. From here, we’ll decide on what ideas to move forward with and refine.


Once we’ve decided on a direction, I’ll hammer down all the details until they’re just right. This’ll take as long as we need to. Not much else to it here – we’re almost done!


Once the scope is covered and you’re happy with everything, I’ll compile all the deliverables listed on our proposal and deliver them to you via email once the last payment is made (if necessary).

Also, if needed, I’ll happily gather quotes on printing and handle the transaction so you don’t have to fumble with all those fresh files you’ve just been given.


* This information may vary depending on the scope of the project.

Organizations seeking an identity often think that what they want is a logo. But this is like acquiring a personality by buying a hat.

The way you look can be an important signal of who you are, but it’s not the only signal. More important is what you say and how you say it.

And most important of all, of course, is what you do.

– Michael Bierut, Pentagram