Project Scope: Creative Direction, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Brand Voice, Ad Design, Web Design

sarap /sah • RAHP/ adj.
Filipino word for “delicious”

*takes a bite of cookie*
“Ang sarap!” (“How delicious!”)

Sarap Asian Fusion was founded in L.A. by 2 guys over beers and Filipino food with dreams of opening a restaurant. They grew to 5 partners, concocted the highly shared #AsianFusionCookie, and to date have sold over 100,000 cookies online to customers nationwide on their website.

For Sarap AF, I needed to answer the question:

“How do we create demand for an exotic food product without the customer first seeing or smelling it in-person?”

My solution was to create lively, fun, vivacious labeling that’s eye-catching on social media and cultivates a genuine curiosity about the flavors displayed on the front of the packaging.

Online, I elected to keep the advertising minimal, and let the brand’s messaging shine through the imagery. When it came to marketing vibrant-colored, mouth watering cookies, we believed it was best to let the product to do the talking.

The team behind Sarap Asian Fusion aspires to be more than a group of restauranteurs, so we designed the brand’s identity to attract their target market – unabashedly unique individuals who love to eat.